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Cooked a 4hr beat based on a soul sample for a competition
we are cooking ham
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i bring you: rizzlang, the language of the future, its based on gen z syntax and basic. Here is an example program that attempts to disprove the collatz conjecture
10 yap "lemme cook"
20 find_out A = 1 run_wit_it 12000000
30 R = 1 + 0
40 G = 0 + 0
50 rizz_up N A
60 vibe_check N = R finna cook 150
70 vibe_check N < A finna cook 150
80 E = N % 2
90 vibe_check E = G finna N = N / 2
100 vibe_check E = R finna cook 120
110 cook 60
120 N = N * 3
130 N = N + 1
140 cook 60
150 swipe_left 
160 yap "nvm i was not cooking bro"
170 kms
currently the language is jit compiled
Day 2 #10-days-in-public Model is still cooking 🍳 Going to have to rethink what it reads to understand what a webpage is since this no doubt doesn't mean anything to anyone:
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Going to cooking school
Udon :tw_ramen: for dinner, cooked by yours truly.
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Something is cooking...
i won this funny cooking competition
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leo and i have been having an ongoing "vim macros vs. multiple cursor" tug of war, and im sorry, but when have you ever seen multiple cursors do this (context: all sprig assets (maps, sprites, songs) are stored as text, (the web editor just shows you a nice graphical editor for the text based formats) what's seen here is the text format for the songs problem: when the songs play in your web browser, they're parsed using regex on the device, we use jerryscript to run your javascript per my logging yesterday, something in jerryscript's regex implementation makes the device hang solution: to confirm that this is the case, I am rewriting the parser in C for my minimal repro of the parser, I want example song strings to test against just pasted into my C code they need to be multiline C strings, then. multiline C strings: multiline C strings are just single-line string literals with newlines between them (the preprocessor automatically concatenates strings with nothing but whitespace between them) e.g.
puts("this little spriggy"
     " goes to the"
     " market!");
// > "this little spriggy goes to the market"
this macro adds a " to the beginning of each line of a "block" of text (which in this case are discrete songs))
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Cooked up a quick placeholder landing page for my startup! Working on deploying it to now
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Stir-fried tofu & green beans (recipe) was a success tonight :cook:
cooking a cool personal tool inspired by linus
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Cooked Chiang Mai noodles & tofu with a chili-lime cabbage salad for dinner
Drew a poetry torturer cook!
idrk why i colored it out butttt im planning thanksgiving dinner! we don't usually celebrate apart from dinners with friends but this year, i decided i'm going to go all out and cook a big dinner for my family!