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I added the enemies in my space-invader pygame!! (also im banking in the session for image to ascii art converter i made since i didnt want to post a scrapbook for just one session)
Completed my A* Path finding project in python, just select two points by clicking them, draw borders, and press the space key to start the path finding process! You can also press C key reset all the grid. github.com/aksinghania/pathfinding-visualiser
Transmitted this image through LoRa using a custom protocol I wrote for my CubeSat project and #orpheus-goes-to-space !!! 3 packets were lost during transmission. This is without any acknowledgments between the transmitter and receiver. Will implement some new code to ask for and receive missing packets!
:shipitparrot: 💌 #leaders and clubs ship :shipitparrot: 💌 i spent the last week working on Leaders Letters, a new blog article page for running advice and sharing stories - from club leaders, for club leaders. this was heavily inspired by purdue hackers blog and @matthew. when i read technicolor last year, my club was nonexistent, my administration had probably blocked me on email, and i was on the verge of quitting. but at a time like this, i somehow stumbled upon this beautiful piece of writing and the words "EVERY SCHOOL NEEDS A HACK CLUB KID". it forced me to realize that my end goal was to create a space for students like me with hacker culture that just didn't exist. okay, maybe i wouldn't wear a hack club sticker cape - but i could definitely be the "hack club kid" at my school. i found a second home in hack club and through the process, was empowered to start a similar ecosystem at my own school. fast forward to today, not only does the miraculous club that i once dreamt of running exist, but we have people like @TishaKaur @ChristianDutton-U04E0LL16MA @AanyaKungwani from that club who have gone on to become a deeper part of hack club through hackathons, #days-of-service (#blossom), #forsyth-hacks :forsyth-hacks-2-bolt:, & #the-summit :leaders-summit:. we have had huge meetings with successful workshops that have propelled people to join hack club, but mainly a lot of smaller ones that just seem like hanging out with a group of friends and creating projects :taco-dance:. this year, i had the greatest pleasure of onboarding @PaulKim, @michelle, and @RyanDu-U04QM0MH6TV and we've created an even larger cohort of metro-atlanta hack clubs who are working to create #hack-the-aquarium :ocean-magic_wand:. when i joined hack club, it was something extraordinary and out worldly and allowed me to find "my people". when i became a hack club leader, i was given the platform and tools to help others like me find each other and a school-wide and now city-wide tight-knit community in atlanta. i am just so grateful i took this jump after hearing all the experiences of past leaders. leaders letters is written in next.js :nextjs: and tailwind :tailwind: and will be updated with monthly leader blog articles or stories that need to be shared. the goal of the site is to serve as a stagnant place for the greatest memoirs that will help boost and inspire future leaders, and in the process allow current leaders to have their voices heard. :heart-eng: my final ask is if you're a leader who wants to share your story, don't hesitate! send me a DM or make a PR with the instructions in the repository! and more importantly, if you're not a leader, apply to be one and remember that it's never too late to start. trust me, it literally changed my life and every day helps me change others' lives as well. :githubparrot: github.com/sahitid/leaders-letters 🔗 hackclub.com/letters huge thank you to @fayd & @ShubhamPatil for moral support and helping me with the website coding. also thank you @matthew for the inspiration (from realizing that technicolor & future letters needed a home). and lastly, thank youuu :blobheart: @SarahDowden for the moral support and conversations that kept me sane through the work.
I added time-based reminder support to my Mastodon bot, rathercurious-mastodon. I also structured the project in a way that it can be used as a framework for building other bots. With this update, using a command such as @rathercurious@botsin.space> #remindme in 10m will schedule a reminder that is posted in 10 minutes. To reduce clutter, you can mention this bot in a DM (even in an existing thread) and it will reply to you in a DM. Otherwise, it will just match the visibility of your command. I'll probably end up refactoring the code a bit before running it 24/7. This was my first project that uses a proper database. Surprisingly, I was able to add this feature that I've been meaning to for a while in one day. github.com/slashtechno/rathercurious-mastodon/pull/1
Day 67 of #100-days-in-public. Today is my last day in Houston. Today my robotics team (and many others) visited the Johnson space center. We got to see a space shuttle mock up and also the old mission control center which is over the new one. Overall, I had quite the time in Houston and look forwards to returning some day for robotics or rockets. Tomorrow should be back to normal updates, where I hope to improve my blot pathing planner.
5 months into this project and it's finally finished! This is a gadget geocache for my local maker space. Custom PCB (funded by Onboard) interfaced with an Arduino for controlling LEDs in the eyes, giving instructions on how to solve the puzzle through the speaker, checking the password entered, and controlling a solenoid to open the hatch on the bottom when the puzzle is solved. Hand crank on the side turns a geared stepper motor to charge supercapacitors that provide enough power to last a few minutes so nobody has to worry about charging or replacing batteries. The whole thing is covered in epoxy for weatherproofing. Hopefully, it will be up and running in a week or so!
Build Space project Conductor Clock. Name is a WIP lol Day 1: product design, deciding what features we need, basic user flow diagram with @ThomasStubblefield
Just built a model on colab with some wine dataset from sklearn. Got amazing accuracy! Wohoo🎉
Hey there, friend. I can sense that you've been scrolling through your device, probably trying to distract yourself from a tough day you've had. I want you to know that it's okay to take a break and clear your mind, but don't forget that you're not alone in this. Life can be challenging sometimes, and we all have our fair share of rough days. It's understandable to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or upset when things don't go as planned. But here's the thing - the tough times don't define us. What defines us is how we handle those moments and keep moving forward. So, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are strong enough to get through this. Whatever happened today or whatever is bothering you, it's temporary. It may not seem like it right now, but things will get better. You have the power to turn things around and create a better tomorrow. Start by acknowledging your feelings and giving yourself the space to process them. Be kind to yourself and practice self-care. Whether that's taking a warm bath, going for a walk in nature, or simply enjoying your favorite meal, do something that makes you feel good and relaxed. Remember that you're capable of handling whatever comes your way, and you have people who care about you and support you. Don't hesitate to reach out to them and ask for help if you need it. In conclusion, dear friend, don't lose hope. Believe in yourself and trust that you'll overcome this. Tough times don't last, but tough people do. Keep scrolling, but this time with a positive mindset - things will get better.
Today marks the end of my time as the Dorman Hack Club leader, as I officially handed over the reins to Jaime, our club's next leader. I am excited to see how he leads his club and grateful for his decision to continue this space for makers at DHS. In addition, today also marks the release of the Carolina Hacks mini-documentary (attached to this post). Carolina Hacks was a hackathon that my friends and I organized, and it was a truly unforgettable experience. Thanks to everybody who helped make it awesome.
I just watched the last episode of Star Trek Picard! and let me tell you the recent ending of Star Trek: Picard was nothing short of amazing. I was glued to the screen as I watched Jean-Luc Picard and the rest of the crew navigate the dangers of the galaxy and tackle the rogue assimilating all-powerful artificial intelligence THE BORG! I mean you guys have to definitely watch stuff from the STAR TREK Franchise!
day 6 of #hardware-party, spent some time drafting the wiring for my macropad, printed some hotswap sockets, and messed around with connecting my rc plane reciever to my pico (unrelated to my project I just got extremely sidetracked) tomorrow I'll be cleaning out my garage to make space for the CNC machine, which I'll print the next few batches of components for over the weekdays as I still have to print quite a few things for the macropads. very likely won't finish the CNC by the end of the 10 day period, but hope to have made significant progress as for the PC, I've got a significant amount of design work done, but I may redesign the bottom platform to be more secure. we may not get to build the PC itself until after the period as cleiftons availability got annihilated by his parents 😭
today in changing some texts, images, landing pages and all to bring my startup back to live. We gonna go with all we have in 2023, wait for us.
Once again I'm designing my personal website, and I'm currently going to start the V3 (internal) that probably will become the open-source (and public) V1! I have new custom HTML and CSS files that I'll add into my Astro files :astro: and I'll also use a new font besides my usual Space Grotesk! So let's see how this works. :thinking:
Day 4 of #10-days-in-public! T-1 day until #lioncityhacks, and I spent some time tonight working with @sampoder and the Innovation Circuit team on setting on the event space :lioncityhacks: We got the banner onto the booth, set up the registration table w/ loads of sticker, and set up the polaroid camera. I am really excited for tomorrow 🚀
We're working on getting the orpheus show back very soon! spent some time on a huddle with Reese, Sam, Jason, and Kyle bouncing ideas, and figuring stuff out. Working on finishing the notes so I can tell everyone about it :)
day number 9! there’s a new version of deta space in town and i updated my old Berowra project to work with it :D
day 8! spent more time planning & brainstorming for #lion-city-hacks-bts. the team & I went to Red Hat's office for a venue tour. it is a magical space, with views of Marina Bay & more. can't wait to spend a day hacking in there.
Day 3 of #10-days-in-public! Added some images to fill up the empty space; I think it looks better now :partyparrot:. Next step will be making it responsive… Check out what I currently have 👉 lelandcs-v2.vercel.app
Day 2 of #10-days-in-public! Implemented my Figma design from yesterday, but there’s more space so it looks a bit weird. I’ll probably add more content to fill up the empty space and also make it responsive…
Day 1/10 for #10-days-in-public! (I might do a day 1.5, we'll see.) I currently have headers working in my Markdown parser, which is pretty neat!
Finished the unity essentials course! Starting to get the hang of unity now, can’t wait to see what’s next! anyways, here’s moistcritiball
Haven't made physic stuff for a while so I'm at the maker space laser cutting today!
Today I had a good day! There's not much coding updates but I'm going back to the city 🏙️ next week. Here's another awesome space 🌌 image and a screenshot of my previous #scrapbook post because it didn't correctly load last time. For my future projects, I plan to work on my GitHub Readme again! :github: :quad_parrot:
made a preview for girlsinaerospace.org... definitely should make the text bigger + more centered, but og tags and i have a very love-hate relationship and i'll be procrastinating that fix as long as i possibly can :))
for the last 2 days and continuing until saturday, i'm staying at Peterson Space Force Base in colorado at the Space Force Operations Academy. most of our classes require security clearance and i can't share many photos in uniform inside base facilities, but i can share photos from the hikes we’ve done after hours!
Got my laser cutting certification at the local maker space
Today I had my Calculus Exam and it went great! All the study hours were worth it! :quad_parrot: Also today r/place ended, and although we couldn't keep the Hack Club logo :hack-club: on the canvas it as a nice and fun experience! And that's a very cool memory to keep :D 🗃️ 🚗 Also I finished the main part of my website content, so coding is a priority for it again! And started customizing the Stats Bar for my Macbook Air :macbook-air-space-gray-screen: as part of my rice in progress! 🌾
Just finished this really cool game called Lifeline, a sort of a space themed CYOA game. It was just as good as I played it a few years ago, would totally recommend it.
wrote a little script to switch a bunch of my repos to pnpm because im running out of space 👀 src is here if anyone’s curious, also wrote a little thing that makes it easier for me to use pnpm with other projects that don’t use pnpm, although it doesn’t handle adding new dependencies at all
Today I kept studying for my college application exams so I didn't had time to work on anything else, so here's a space picture taken by the Hubble telescope. It's the *"Pillars of Creation"* an interstellar matter form on the Eagle Nebula or Messier "16" object. I think I'll try to make a side project about space after I finish the rest of my current projects!
Today I started customizing the shell prompt of my terminal with Starship, added some useful CLI tools and finally started to work on my next workshop! I will leave my MacOS Yabai Tiling Window setup for a while, and will continue to work on that after getting to learn more things of Zsh, which I don't think will get too complicated for me because I know Bash.
Today was such an insane day omg omg I flew an RC airplane for the first time in a relatively small field which made the experience so scary omg omg I visited the famous Seattle Space Needle which was surprisingly built in the 1960s. Also they had very cool glass art Idk why the italics are still on dammit slack mobile but today I also played the ukulele a bit :eggsdee: I don’t actually know how to play it so I was just plucking strings in a pattern like on zephyr :ukulele-ishan: I also configured my new Mac so now it has a perfectly configured terminal and a custom Firefox theme and a lot of other essential utils and apps and I did my history homework on it Oh and I also went to beechers which has epic Mac and Cheese (the worlds best apparently) and lasagna. Oh and my cousin is visiting us, this was his first full day here. I’ll send my epic and very scary rc plane maiden and a photo of the plane
setup space macs
So today I decided I’ll post on scrapbook everyday, hoping to make a 2 month streak :D Had a kinda unproductive day- did some stat on Khan academy, completed some assignments, wrote a discursive essay on expenditure in space exploration and read most parts of a 700 page book on international customs procedures to help understand why parcels sent to India don’t reach on time
Me and @pranavnt spent 1/3 of the day together! @matthew missed his space rocket so he didn’t join us
dragons are cool! this is a dragon curve, a space filling curve with fractal dimension 2
🚢 🦅 🌺 I finally finished my Eagle Project! it took a total of 5 work days for around 3-6 hours each with help from some other scouts in my troop. When I started I was worried I wasn't going to finish it in time for the fair starting on the 18th of June but it went way faster than I expected! The project was rebuilding and cleaning up the old planter for the local county fairgrounds. I've attached a few pictures of the stages and you can see how worn down it looked at first. All of the materials were directly donated except for the gravel for drainage behind the wall. • The bricks were donated by two families who no longer wanted them. We just had to go remove them from their yards. • The mulch was donated by a local recycling/landscaping company who wanted to help out and have their sign displayed for the fair. • The new plants were donated by the master gardeners at the nearby Purdue Extension building. They needed to clear some space in their own garden, so they donated some plants they didn't need anymore. Overall the project went much quicker and smoother than I expected it to. I'm really excited with how nice it turned out! All the plants are perennials, so it should look even better in the years to come!
https://cloud-fzovit1bi-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/0img_0786.png https://cloud-fzovit1bi-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/1img_0740.png https://cloud-fzovit1bi-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/2img_0734.png https://cloud-fzovit1bi-hack-club-bot.vercel.app/3img_0699.png
YOOOOOOOOOOO I JUST LAUNCHED DEVZAT ON PRODUCT HUNT! As you all know by now, it's chat but over ssh and it has Twitter updates and a slack bridge at #ssh-chat-bridge and markdown support and devbot and even chat rooms and syntax highlighting for code and tic tac toe and hangman builtin and timezone and all sorts of fun stuff! AND IT'S ALL OVER YOUR TERMINAL. Go smash that upvote button! www.producthunt.com/posts/devzat DEVZAT IS NUMBER 3 ON PRODUCT HUNT WORLDWIDE :producthunt:
why is this airplane so tiny and smol
It's week 3 (I think) for me in Qoom's Creator Group Spring Cohort! For my Qoom project, I'm creating Partix, a visual representation of micro-particle pollution levels worldwide. I touched up the particle animation today, and this week I'll work on adding a dropdown to choose a city, as well as to start building a database of cities and pollution levels. Keep up with my progress at: karolina.qoom.space/~/partix
Yesterday at the field. My new RC airplane build, the Mitsubishi Zero was too tail heavy to fly well. Used a screw driver to make it nose heavy as a desperate measure.
Yup yup. A new github space for my club! I hope the other board members will accept my invite soon... Oh and feel free to join here: github.com/FLHS-Hacks
Started a second github repo for my own workshops for my new club. I had other project ideas than Hack Club's workshops. I'm allowed to do this right?