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small :college-board: AP week ship!! my school lets people 🖨️ print 15 pages a month for free at the 📚 library, and that’s awesome! however, students are only able to print from 2 slow shared ⏳//print.dino.icu|Print>! Print lets you drag & drop a file and get a short ID code to print it in one click from the shared computer. it’s nothing too special, but it’s a lot more convenient print files now at my school. feel free to try it out at print.dino.icu. the code is open source and available on github.
The 3D printer at HQ is set up with OctoPrint, a web interface for controlling the printer. It’s hooked up to a webcam configured to take a time lapse recording of each print. This is a 1-hour print in 7 seconds!
This science behind colpal logo *Colpal is a website about colors ... That i presented a week ago